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Would this constitute a directors loan?



I am currently working on the accounts of a LTD company, 1 shareholder / director.

He has used the bank account of this LTD company to pay for invoices for another company, in which he has a 50% share. The other 50% is just held by his business partner.

He has also used the bank account as his own piggy bank  - and I know what I need to do as far as that is concerned - CT600A etc - BUT what I am confused with - ARE the amounts that the company has paid for, on behalf of the other company in which he has a 50% share - will this be part of his directors loan account, or is it simply a trade debtor?

Any help would be great - most info Ive looked at is informative, but just stresses the more obvious points !


Many thanks


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loan to Co. B

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VAT et al

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Associated for tax?

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Many thanks, and Ill follow

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A related matter, I have a

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Hello, not an expert in this

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