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Would you pursue a client for breach of contract?

Client has agreed to appoint me as his new accountant and has signed 64-8, letter of engagement which agrees fee and ran for a minimum of 12 months, and letter to his previous accountant appointing me which I included with my courtesy letter. One week later I had not heard from the previous accountant and sent a reminder. A few days later I phoned up the client who told me he would speak to him by phone. A couple of days later I received a very smug letter from the previous accountant who told me that the client had changed his mind and that they had actually started the work. Any advice?

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Don't botter...

Steve McQueen |
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I would let it go

ShirleyM |
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Apart from which............

Eddystone |

Just unlucky

Paul Scholes |
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Always inoculate

Bob Harper |
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it happens

Lancsboy2 |

Sorry but... get a grip!

lechiffre |
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