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I am gradually building up our client base on Xero. One area that has just dawned up is that I have not given any thought when a client who uses Xero leaves.

With VT I would have the software all the time and address any queries that may come my way at any stage. I can look at Trial Balance and by clicking the relevant line look at back up information making up the balance. I will not be able to do this with Xero since I would have removed the client from Xero. Is this one of the downsides of cloud based systems?

I would be grateful for comments on housekeeping that I need to follow on Xero before deleting the client from Xero.


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I use FreeAgent but I suppose the principle is the same

SteveOH |
SteveOH's picture

Xero subscriptions are transferable

garyturner |
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But what if the client doesn't want to use the system?

Paul Scholes |
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Data export plus read-only access?

Adrian Pearson |
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Getting data out of Xero

garyturner |
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How does client take on subscription?

KPEM online |
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Transfering a Xero practice subscription to client

garyturner |
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Has been addressed but no real solution ...

JC |

We'll get there

garyturner |
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