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Xero - Does anyone have any experience using this? Good or Bad?


I have a client who is currently using Sage (YUK - his words, not mine) and is considering moving to another platform. One he is looking at is Xero. I have looked at their web site (which does not look to professional tbh) but was wondering if anyone has actually used it? If so, any feedback? Good or bad.


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use search

BigBadWolf |
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Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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Me too

Cloudcounter |

Really like ...

Locutus |
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All positive

andrewhague |

Have a look at FreeAgent

Old Greying Accountant |
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jaybee661 |
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Leaves me moderately lukewarm ....

Steve Holloway |
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Kent accountant |
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Just my opinion!

Steve Holloway |
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Highly recommend it

exceljockey |

Bank feeds

jjswjjsw |

Why not QIF?

Cloudcounter |

On-Line Accounting

mcloughlin56 |

Xero + Job management

Paul Scholes |
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Workflow max and xero

tuibiz |

From New Zealand....poor for VAT

BryanS1958 |

My Xero experience

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garyturner |
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Small business user

gsgordon |

Online VAT is coming

BryanS1958 |

Flat rate VAT

gsgordon |

Xero and Online VAT Filing

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