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Is Yellow Pages Still Working for Small Practices


I am returning to practice in the new year setting up my own small firm.

Do people still think the Yellow Pages and generate any business's
Or can the money be better spent elsewhere.

At present I have a Small listing on and I get a few enquiries over the year
And was going to increase the add and take a small and in the book.

I notice the book is a lot smaller now. The saleswoman claims its now a 1 handed
Book, but I suspect the real reason is because less people use it.

With social media more main stream now is it better to put resources into that.

I look forward to your comments and value your opinions.

Thanks Glenn

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Just given up on mine

Paul Scholes |
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Sales people!

petersaxton |
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My experience

mr. mischief |
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Not going to renew mine

nutwood |

Just take the free listing. I

bernard michael |

ACCA advert

lisimano |

YP was good 20 or 30 years

zebaa |

On a personal front, when I'm

Lilac1 |

My view ... waste of money

Rachael-SimplifiedAccounting |
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YP hasn't worked for years

Philip Hoyle |
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georgeford |

Thanks for the comments that

Glennzy |
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Is Yellow Pages Still Working for Small Practices?

Mouse007 |
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Is Yellow Pages Still Working?

Mouse007 |
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When was the last time YOU used Yellow Pages?

Mouse007 |
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should_be_working |
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YP did you get your money

bernard michael |

Oh yes, after a few months of

should_be_working |
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To be honest I use a

Glennzy |
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Simple question....

bookmarklee |
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@Mouse 007

Tom 7000 |
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Yellow Pages

peterlashmar |
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Which begs the question

David Winch |
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The way to get new fees...

Tom 7000 |
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I dropped Yellow Pages about five years ago.


Yellow Pages are now doing BOGOF

crbookkeeping |

I used yell when I first

maggied8867 |
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Funnily enough yellow pages

Glennzy |
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My main use of it is

Glennzy |
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