Your Claim for tax credits will end from April 2012 unless you contact us

I have a few cilents who have been getting tax credits, and are contacting me in a panic to ask what the HMRC knows about thier income that they don't know!

The first line of the letter starts:

This is because:

- Your household inocme is too high to get a payment of tax credits now or

- Changes taking effect from April mean that your household income will be too high based on the information we hold to get a payment of tax credits.


I have one client, would need the joint income to go up by 62% from the amount HMRC was given for 2010/11 before the entitlement will cease completely. 

What is going on?

Anyone any ideas? Are HMRC no longer going to wait until 31 July to get the information anymore?

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I believe it's because...

George Attazder |
George Attazder's picture

HMRC hoping to lose some claimants

DMGbus |
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Income limit dropping

debrahuzzard |

What's changed?

paulwakefield1 |

Business as usual with tax credits

steve marsland |