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Your thoughts please on a fee quote

Company is very small but is VC backed so is required to produce audited accounts.  No stock, only about 20 transactions per month.

They also need monthly management accounts produced from the books (which they maintain themselves), so will require work throughout the year.

I've costed it all out and am coming to a figure of £4-5k, to include VAT, PAYE, monthlies, annuals and audit.

How does that sound to you?  I'm thrown because it's an unusual one.  My gut feeling is that it's high, but I believe they are paying more than that currently.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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The audit does it for me

Paul Scholes |
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Thanks for your feedback

Sarah P |

I agree with Paul

dbowleracca |
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Depends how busy you are?

girlofwight |

No disrespect intended but I

bernard michael |

You're all asking questions I've been asking myself!

Sarah P |

Good idea Sarah

dbowleracca |
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Good idea

Sarah P |

What's It Worth To The Client?

David Winch |
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I got the work :-)

Sarah P |

Well done Sarah!

dbowleracca |
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