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Quickbooks and 64 bit

Has anyone out there managed to get Quickbooks 2008 registered and working on a 64 bit operating system, and if so how??

I love my new shiny (Windows 7 64 bit) laptop.  It is so fast compared to my old machine (and actually has a battery that works!).

Unfortunately, and fairly fundamentally for an accountant being a member of the Quickbooks advisers programme and with a number of clients using Quickbooks, you apparently cannot register Quickbooks (2008 in this case) on a 64 bit operating system.

I dutifully called Quickbooks for a registration code after installation (I used the software several times up to this point and it worked perfectly as far as I could see).  I typed in the code and got an error ('The validation code is incorrect....'). We tried various solutions, such as running in XP compatability mode but they did not work.

In the end the adviser's solution was to 'get a new computer' or 'get a different operating system'.  Not very helpful!

PS The adviser also said that the next version would  be out in May or June (and would not necessarily support 64 bit), so watch this space for Quickbooks 2011 sometime next year!!!!!


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Quickbooks talking ******** (please substitute rude word of your

cathwalker |

Instal virtual XP?

mikeopolo |

Dual boot your laptop to run 64 + 32 bit syatems.

Anonymous |