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Reclaiming VAT on all mileage claims? Which system?

Dear All,

Is your company reclaiming VAT on all mileage claims?

Although my company only employs 25 people, through our own software we have claimed back over several £1,000's in VAT on petrol for staff claiming a “mileage rate” for business travel.

I would be really interested to hear people's comments on this, because we are looking to market our Expenses system specifically towards people who want to use it in this way.

- Would anyone be interested in finding out how to record mileage and reclaim the VAT easily?
- Are there any Accountancy Practices who would like to partner with us to deliver this to their clients?

As well as leaving a comment, I would like to invite you to get you in touch with our Financial Director to discuss this in more detail, so please don't hesitate to drop an email to ondemand[a] (please entitle your email 'MILEAGE RATE' so I can look out for you).

I hope that this is of interest. (Please visit



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Anonymous |

Thank you for your reply... a few points

neil.baxter |
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Ah, so this is an advertisement?

jasonholden |
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Just needed some advice

neil.baxter |
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