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Recommend accounting and payroll software

We are a new tenpin bowling centre with 20 F/T and P/T staff. Our accountants have recommended Sage Line 50 for compatibility with their own systems. Is it a decent package?

What about payroll? I've read some negative opinions on Sage Payroll, while Freeway seems to get mixed reviews. Any thoughts on those two, and any others I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.
George Drever

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Agree with Daniel

asdesign |

Ask to see it

dclark |

Thank you!

AccountingWEB |
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Money Manager can knock them for six!

Abacjm |

New Accountant Needed Too?

nkwayne |

MYOB have a free CD

AnonymousUser |

What aspects suit you best?

maws |

Don't let your accountant bully you!

Piglett |

Accounting package

AccountingWEB |
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More info

dclark |

QuickBooks Pro with payroll

cbales |

QuickBooks Pro

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