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Recommendation on time sheet recording

I run a small practice with 5 staff and we have always quoted fixed fees for most oof the work we do, except tax investigations and other ad hoc work, and it has worked out okay for us.

However, I have always got my staff to complete time sheets just as a back up to prove we had spent the time doing the work in case it was ever queried.

Recently, while looking more closely at the time sheets, I have realised that some of the work we have carried out has been correctly quoted, some have a decent profit, but then a few losses as well!

We dont have a time sheet or billing software, and all time sheets are recoded on an Excel work sheet I have created.

I wanted to know if anyone can suggest how I can keep an eye on the costings of jobs without having to buy a time recording / billing software ?



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What is FourFour?

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