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registering a new partnership with HMRC

I act for 2 indiiduals who after several years as self employed have now formed a partnership.  They have UTRs in their own right and now to complete their tax returns I need to register the partnership with HMRC, get a number, fill in the relevant forms etc.  HMRC advised that they couldn't set up the record over the phone - needed to fill in CWF1 - which I duly did and client sent it off to them a over month ago.  Trouble is HMRC now claim to have no record on their system of the new partnership application and I can't get to speak to anyone that can confirm whether the form has even been received - let alone if there is a problem.


I have tried the agent dedicated line for the individ, the self assessment helpline, a Longbenton number (I think) that someone gave me - and nothing.  No-one is claiming any responsibility anymore - apparently there was a tel. number out there but it has been "removed".  In the meantime the client is giving me grief and I'm losing my rag.


Any suggestions or confirmation that my experience isn't unique would be gratefully appreciated.

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Yes, a similar situation

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Same problem for me

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