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Rent free period accounting quandry

Office lease : 6 mths rent free + and first break clause is @ 5 years

But rent month 7-12 £1400/mth

and in  months 13-24  £ 1625 /mth

and         25- 60  £1800/mth

the book keeper [md's wife] has simply posted the monthly invocies upon receipt from period7 direct to p+l  ie 6 x £1400

So: please what value does one attribute to the p+l for the  6mth rent free period   and entry required

If one used 6mths x£1400 =  8400, plus 12mths @ £1625 = 19500 plus 36mths@ £1800 = 64800

Total rent over period =£92700 or 1545/mth.   this monthly then of  1545 it would not reflect contracted lease values in the future peroiods [ ok if the rent was fixed over the fully period ]

many thanks for input [in advance]


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Something wrong with your text

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