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Fixed assets received as a gift - Treatment
By Janemmcc 15 min 59 sec ago 26 1
Apps to make our life easier
By SE 18 min 16 sec ago 12
How do I show the file name in Sage Forecasting reports
By Alf 19 min 27 sec ago 7
I prepare a set of accounts for the client but do not file his tax return?
By Nicks9991 20 min 33 sec ago 22
Are non voting B shares taken into account for 75% rule
By brawlad 27 min 37 sec ago 10
The P+L for an overseas subsidiary
By Charlton 42 min 55 sec ago 38 2
EBT holds co shares
By roger@acklands 47 min 8 sec ago 29
Accounting for VAT on an EU Acquisition, removing Balance from Creditor A/c
By NikkyJJ 1 hour 6 min ago 31
HMRC not allowing credit
By BChandler2 1 hour 23 min ago 55
Tax Avoidance Schemes
By bernard michael 1 hour 40 min ago 74
Jersey resident and UK domicile
By chillertwist 1 hour 57 min ago 54
VAT on training courses
By heatherhobbs 1 hour 58 min ago 53
Is PPR relief available if occupation did not occur due to overseas employment duties
By PaulCoe 2 hours 24 min ago 35
By samnico 2 hours 36 min ago 106 3
No longer used in business
By Jigs 3 hours 13 min ago 100 1
Stuck on accounts due to prior year errors
By Matrix 10 hours 23 min ago 206 5
Any point writing to HMRC to appeal against self assessment penalties ?
By sash100 11 hours 9 min ago 227 9
Query from client re being hired as an individual
By SJBarrow 13 hours 41 sec ago 158 2
Theatre as charitable company
By syedabushra 13 hours 39 min ago 84 1
susanna russell-smith's picture
Looking for a cheaper alternative to Drummohr
By susanna russell... 16 hours 1 min ago 305 9
Can a LLP be dissolved with an open HMRC inquiry?
By plato 16 hours 19 min ago 115 1
How are you treating it in a SA100
By SPayne73 17 hours 16 min ago 174 5
VAT on vans
By Diane 17 hours 21 min ago 157 3
Capital Gains Tax after sales of my only property
By bivoliur 17 hours 26 min ago 198 6
Need clarification to what figure goes into this box
By WongR 17 hours 34 min ago 195 6
Can a company Director outsource consultancy services to himself for a contract of work agreed with
By CLSolutions 17 hours 38 min ago 72
robertlovell's picture
What lessons would you pass on to other businesses nearing their staging date?
By robertlovell 17 hours 53 min ago 109
My Bank account has been blocked for no apparent reason!
By Stuart1 18 hours 24 sec ago 265 2
Once out of the time limit to submit an amended return, how do you go about carrying forward additio
By maclarenj 18 hours 18 min ago 62
Preference shares redeemed at less than par
By leicsred 18 hours 30 min ago 172 11


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