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Resign from ICAEW?

I bet the ICAEW website has some useful information and I'll mosey along there, but I'm interested in views from the folks on here - current members, ex-members, never-been-members.

My job, while notionally in finance, is more about maintaining accounting systems and much less about actual financial reporting or even book-keeping!  CPD is a joke - nothing I can learn from the available courses has any relevance to my work.  I get nothing of real value from my institute - not their fault.

My qualification wasn't even of much interest to my current employer when they offered me the job - as a demonstration of being able to attain such a qualification that's fine but they see little value in retaining it.  Of course if I change jobs then maybe I'll regret giving up my membership, although I think 5+ years not really being an accountant is more relevant than a qualification I earned 15 years ago.  When you've been working for 20 years surely experience counts for much more.

The other thing that worries me is how easy (or not) it is to resign.  I think I've seen accounts before of indifference from the ICAEW (typically when members resign complaining of the heavy compliance burden of being a small practicioner) but can't help wondering if I'll be bombarded with questions.

I don't take resignation lightly, and would welcome any thoughts...

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getting back in

RebeccaBenneyworth |
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You really dont matter to them

cymraeg_draig |
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Been there

neileg |

Systems Accountant?

listerramjet |
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Thinking of resigning also

Coates Franklin Ltd |

Resign from Institute

paulreichel |
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It may become more useful to you


I worked too hard for it to give it up.

Helen Stevens |

Furure uncertain

asillahi |

I agree with Helen

Luke |
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Ben there too

HudsonCo |

Zombies prevail

JackHarper |

I'm in the "worked bloody hard" camp, but...

duncanphilpstate |

Also thinking about resignation but from ACCA

cacatchpole |

Been there done that

beverly chester |

From an Ex Member

thomas34 |


JackHarper |


blok |
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"continue to say I was still a qualified accountant, (I am!) but

beverly chester |


blok |
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Restrict the use of the term accountant

bj2404 |

Get Used To It Folks

thomas34 |

Hi, Charlie!

joates |

Old Chestnut

cymraeg_draig |
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Hi blok

beverly chester |

Is this a symptom not the problem

paulreichel |
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Trevor Scott |

till death us do part ?

Ian_mcdonald |

ICAEW - Not for me

John Wheeley |

No dogs allowed

cymraeg_draig |
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@ C_D - confused?

andypartridge |

as an ex member i too agree that ICAEW is a waste of time money

carnmores |
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cymraeg_draig |
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Sorry to see you go

JackHarper |

Resign? Why not?

richardterhorst |
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Not a lot of use

cymraeg_draig |
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Losing Accountancy Magazine Change Anyone's View

davidjwbailey |