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I would be very inteersted to hear what resources other accountants use both on line and in published format, and what they consider to be invaluable.  I am thrilled to say I have filed my last return (apart for the two where the clients haven't sent in their records yet), so, unusually have some time on my hands to look at these things.

I am familiar with Nicola Ross-Martin's website - is a subscription worthwhile?

What do users think of the Tax Club?

Are there any similar providers worth mentioning?

What books can you not do without?

Where do you get your tax planning ideas form?  Course?  Books?  Websites?

Are any of the Indicator series books good, or do they only set out what we already know anyway?  (ie more targetted at the non-professional)?


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CPD & Tolleys

Steve Holloway |
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Tax Club

Monsoon |
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CCH online

Paul Scholes |
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It is free for AAT MIPs

school63 |

Thanks - keep them coming!

taxhound |
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Simply Docs

Paul Scholes |
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Found this helpful

FirstTab |
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Looking for iXBRL information and product reviews

Cantankerous |

What resources?

kcrawf |

FL Memo

ianlea |


ola.oladokun |


ola.oladokun |

Tax Cafe is great!

cfield |
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Thanks for your kind words, Cantankerous

John Stokdyk |
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I had never heard of Tax Cafe before

taxhound |
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I hate to say it, but ... Google

The Practitioner |
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CCH Online

johnrobinson25 |