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Revenue computer log in problems

Did anyone else try to log on to the Revenue website this afternoon only to be told it did not recognise your User ID and password?

Well I did on 3 occasions before phoning the Agents Helpdesk. After being told to try various different things (with no success) the person at the other end of the line announced that as far as his screen was concerned I had successfully logged in - but the reality was that my screen was telling me I had entered an invalid user ID and password!!

He then went off to consult a colleague and came back on the phone to tell me not to worry (!!!) because 5 other people had just phoned in with the same complaint.

We rang off on the basis that I would try logging on again later.

What odds on the system crashing completely before 31 Jan???
John Gilbertson

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Continuing problems with the IR

kamoore |

Keep Trying!

Richard Willis |
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E-Filing? don't make me laugh!!

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