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Revenue enquiry - client wants to handle it

The Revenue have written with detailed enquiry into a clients return.
The business is a "cash based" business so the questions are detailed and many.
eg request for copy of cash account, breakdown of drawings etc etc(the usual).

I had the client come to the office to discuss this and advised what I thought the fees could be depending on how the enquiry went.

The client was obviously less than impressed as I've received a call from his wife advising that to avoid additional fees he intends handling the matter himself.(good luck!!)

Where does this leave me with the revenues original letter.There are obviously some questions like those above which the client will not be able to answer without my help.
Should I reply to the Inspector answering all of those questions I can and advise that the client will take it from there?
I don't want to be unhelpful to the Inspector but at the same time if the client is unwilling to pay for my time I'm reluctant to get into a position were I am effectively dealing with the enquiry for nothing.


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