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Revenue got it wrong

Consider this situation:

The Revenue have amended a tax calculation resulting in a sizeable refund.

On checking it is found that they have ignored a lump of income which was submitted in the return.

Before we could inform them of the error the client has seen it and told us not to correct it, he will take the chance that they won't notice!!

Very uncomfortable about this - what should be done?

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As I thought

Anonymous |

why not.............

Ned Ludd |

My engagement letter states that Revenue errors will be correcte

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Not to sound like a textbook...

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Where is the Theft and where is the Fraud

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The previous respondent

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This might help

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I have to report HMRC for Theft

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Just like...

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HMRC do know of error

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Thank you Ebenezor now I must resign from half of my clients.

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