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Right, my Jedi calm has finally broken

This site has been a God-send to myself and I imagine many more like me who are either sole traders or lack the support within their organisation. I have found it an invaluable tool in solving tax queries, especially given how bad the HMRC search function is.

When I post a question my name comes up as Thomas Peterson. Oddly that is not my real name, neither do I expect 'Old Grey Accountant' or 'Swiss Toni' to be their real names either. So I consider my post to be anonymous even if I don't tick the box! There are plenty of people in my office who use AW and none of them have ever worked out who I am (even going so far as to call Mr Peterson names to me :) ).

The only danger is if a client or manager spots 'their' question and traces your name through other posts, but how often does that happen? Clients tend not to ask their accountant a question then try and find out themselves, so how likely are they to spot the question?

I'm sick of people having a go at this great site! Regardless of its minor faults it is an incredibly useful forum and serves as both a learning platform (tax changes sooo fast...) and a source of entertainment thanks to the likes of Mr Toni (and long may be remain!). This job can be so demoralising and light relief is needed sometimes.

So to all the people complaining that people can see their pseudonom, pick a better pseudonom if you don't want to be traced. If you think too many stupid topics are posted here just don't read them.

I miss the old AW in some ways, but this new incarnation is nowhere near as bad as people are making out and I would be most displeased if it were to be scrapped.

That was cathartic, appologies if it was too much of a rant for this time in the morning.

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mwngiol |
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Many thanks

Steve Roth |
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Good bit of Jedi perspective!

Steve Holloway |
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I'm not convinced

stephenkendrew |


mwngiol |
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Got to laugh

Moltke |

Not Jedi - Vulcan Logic

Democratus |
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I am also unconvinced

Euan MacLennan |
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snopes |

No offence intended to those using their real names

thomas.peterson |
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Posted by ....... now there!

Steve Holloway |
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Law of the Internet

thomas.peterson |
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You cant keep a good chimp down !

chimpsrback |
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Bit people are still leaving?

3569787 |
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Anonymous |

complete the cabinet

Democratus |
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Thanks for the promotion!

davidwinch |
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Democratus |
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Reply window pop up

petersaxton |
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