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s.419 tax

Client has large O/D DLA at the year end, 30.4.2009 with no hope of repaying this within the nine months post year end, and therefore a s419 tax charge has been reflected on the CT600 form.

How would the s419 tax charge entries be reflected in the company accounts @ the year end date, bearing in mind they were prepared well after the nine months, so being well aware the DLA was still outstanding?

Realising this has been covered many times, but there one or two different streams of thought in the office.

Many thanks for any guidance in advance.


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Balance sheet

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P&L Account

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S419 / S455

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Yes can see both sides

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No, amarshah

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Debtor and then look at impaiment

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Statement of principles...

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Quite so

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I Disagree Euan

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amarshah69 |

Distributable profits

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