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Sage 50 Client cannot remember password

A client gave me a copy of their Sage 50 but gave me the backup of one of their defunct companies and he does not know the password. I cannot now log in to Line 50 and need to restore another company on to it. I do not mind deleting the data but do not want to delete Sage altogether. Any suggestions?

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Copy the demodata

johndon68 |

Thanks John

bduncan |

Copying demodata

johndon68 |

Still not working

bduncan |

Invalid Password

johndon68 |

Thank you very much for this John

bduncan |

re thanks very much for this john

gerawson |

Data folder

johndon68 |

Thanks thanks and thanks again

bduncan |

Did you try

Richard Willis |
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Default password

johndon68 |

Only one file needed

jonbryce |

JonBryce, you're a Life Saver

evanbx |

Manager Password Reset

matchi |

Sage Instant V17 & 18 incompatibility

Jeanl |


Jeanl |

Sage 50 Accounts passwod reset

ftaylor |