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sage Financial Year Start and Directors Loan

Hi guys,

i have just purchased sage 50 accounts 2011 proffessional.

I need to set my financial year start.

our company started trading in 02/02/2009

I would like to enter all historical data. we dont have many invoices around 20-30 and supplier invoices around 40-50 since 2009.

bearing this in mind do you suggest a date? also when i input customer invoices and supplier incoices do i put down the historical dates?

one more thing... directors loan how do i introduce in sage?

my accountant is on holiday for next 2 weeks... hence me resorting to the web.

your solutions would be appreciated.




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Re: Sage Financial Year Start and Directors Loan

Witch-Queen |
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Wait until your accountant gets back

petersaxton |
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Company year end

occca |