Sage Instant Accounts 10. Pros and cons for new business.

Is Sage Instant Accounts a good bet for a new small business? Pro:It is low cost. Con: Seems to have attracted considerable criticism on various website reviews.
Criticisms say it is DOS based so not Windows friendly especially for inexperienced accounts users, you can't get decent invoicing without paying out extra, Sage support is expensive, and it doen't provide decent financial reports. Fair or unfair? If fair, is there a bette bet?


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accounting software

twickers |

VT is worth a look

andyprentice |


Anonymous |

SME Accounting packages

StephenElms |
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It's no different to buying something for an existing business

ChrisDL |

quickbooks v sage

appacc |

Sage instant pros and cons

AnonymousUser |

I have used it

tom123 |

Who is using it?

Anonymous |

Quick Books - best thing since sliced bread

Mick Eaton |

PS to my quickbook v Sage

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