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Sage Line 50 limits transaction volumes

 We have been approached by a prospect who are having reporting issues when it comes to their accounts. Now this is something we excel at, so will be able to help them out.


However, during our initial conversation, they advised that due to the number of transactions being posted through Sage, each six months they perform a year end close down in order for the system to keep working!


I have not yet seen the data set to see if previous years have been purged, but has any one else come across this problem before where the number of transactions cause Line 50 to crash? If so, has anyone identified a way round the issue?


The prospect has approx 200,000 transactions being posted across ledgers on an annual basis, so if Line 50 is not able to cope then ultimately the accounts package will have to be upgraded. Year end is not until February, so I am aiming to keep Line 50 in place until such time as we can do a migration at year end.


Any help gratefully appreciated


Paul Smalley

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google ...

JC |

Sage 50 Transaction Limits

johndon68 |

Doesn't crash just becomes so slow its un-useable ....

JC |

Sage Slow

johndon68 |

one transaction = records in many tables

JC |

I agree...

johndon68 |