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Sage & VAT Flat Rate Schemes

Hi All
I have a new client who is registering for a VAT Flat Rate Scheme and wants to use Sage 50.

As far as I can gather Sage will only deal with standard VAT and cash accounting.

Anyone got any advice/input etc on this? Would appreciate views on Sage's practicality for this and suggestions of any alternative software if Sage not suitable.
Caroline Boardman

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Compelling Argument

Malcolm Veall |
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Wow!! Thanks for the replies!


I'm resisting the challenge, Malcolm,

skylarking |

Company Accounts

Malcolm Veall |
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I had a survey

Anonymous |

To confuse maybe |

Keep it simple

petersaxton |
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skylarking |

Companies Act

Malcolm Veall |
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But do you know if the FRS is worth it?

Briar |

Correct method |

VAT hidden increases

Robertnz |

Not quite, Victor

skylarking |

manually calculate and then journal...

sjmaccounting |


petersaxton |
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David's advice

JSJ54 |

TAS Books 1

Euan MacLennan |
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It's not quite as simple as that

mkcdavies |
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Anonymous |

As normal

David2e |
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