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salary vs dividends

I know that when advising clients on how to structure salary and dividend levels the most efficient way is to get them to pay a salary part way between the first 2 NIC levels such that they get an NIC contribution on their record but don't have to pay any NIC.  I also know that doing this can cause problems if a director wants a mortgage or a pension later on.

Am I the only one out there that fells uncomfortable advising every time that directors structure their pay in this way?  The majority of my company clients are one-man bands often generating in excess of £100k for their companies.  It almost seems like they are asking for trouble from HMRC if they take a salary of between £5 and £6k with the rest as dividends (after CT is withheld of course).  Has anyone experienced HMRC trying to argue that the dividend payments should be in fact re-classified as salary? 


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Not a problem (touch wood)

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..and from the other side

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Thank you

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Nothing but hot air

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Rember the Contributions Agency?

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No Minimum Wage

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"Director's aren't subject to minimum wage because they are offi

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I'm more cautious

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