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santander scrip dividends

A client has had in 2010/11 £7.47! of scrip dividends, the dividend money went into a santander shareholder account and he was given when he had enough money shares probably 1 to the value of £7.47.  I have no paperwork.  in 2011/2012 i shaw a share acquisition confirmation statement shown 3 shares given from the account, these shares were valued at £21.72, again no spanish witholding tax shown.  Where does the 7.47 go on the income tax return, is there spanish witholding tax.  Or because it is so little, just put the £7.47 in the foreign shares with no withholding tax .  Seems a lot of effort for so little income

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santander scrip dividends

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Witholding tax on Santander Shares

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tax free scrip dividends

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