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Scanned bank statements?

Hi All,

One of our clients has just handed us another 50 bank statements to process . . . that's going to take a long time . . . we've tried scanning them but the output is so random and there's so many errors that it seems likely that we'll just have to revert to traditional methods.

Does anyone know of any product that scans paper bank statements in a way that is tailored for each statement type and which produces intelligible and accurate output?

Thanks for reading and considering my question . . . hopefully some of you will have helpful suggestions.


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Use Xero - Fast Cash Coding

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scanning bank statements

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Let the client download

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we wouldn't want to come over all Big Brother-ish

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Good Question

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AutoRec from WoodsWhelan

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Bank statements to excell

Anonymous |

Scan, Crop and Save

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extracting information

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Sounds like a job for "BankLink"

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Criminal investigations

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chatman |

see ny commenst here

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AutoRec is the answer

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What did AutoRec cost?

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Flabbergasted? Indeed?

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You make your own atmosphere

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BrendanWoods |

Hi David, 

BrendanWoods |

AutoRec Software

BrendanWoods |

New Version of AutoRec.

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Bank statement reader

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