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Scanning incoming post

I am keen to reduce the use of paper in the office but dont quite have the resources to use one of the all singing all dancing paperless packages.

At the moment we scan then destroy all of our old files and the ability to access old data quickly and easily is just fantastic, but at the moment we keep current files in good old paper format.

I bought a very good high quality scanner which we could also use to scan incoming correspondence easily - my question is if others do this hows the best way to file the documents. Our old files are simply saved as PDF documents in a file for each year eg
Fred Bloggs correspondence - 2007 with all letters re 2007 in that file in date order.

I cant quite see how we can easily scan and put each clients correspondence in a file but am probably missing the obvious.

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paperless office

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Scan to a folder seems like a good idea.

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