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Shared Stock Software Development


I wonder if you might be of help regarding a project that we are currently in development of at our company. Let me explain our problem and the solution we've had so far, and why I'd love some input please.

We have 6 companies that all work from the same location.  It's shared by the format of the Directors/Partnerships but they operate individually from an administration level. However, one thing in common is that we ALL share the same stock from our 8 warehouses.

For years, we've been using Sage to manage our accounts and sales, however our business is a unique one (as far as we know) from the point that we are sharing stock, and surprise surprise - Sage does not allow a central stock database between several companies.

We've looked around at a few logistics trade shows on stock management, but so far haven't found any companies that can offer software that will handle this.  Obviously we also need to keep track of sales that are actioned between the group, so that the owner of the product can issue an "inter-company" invoice. 

So we've decided to take the bull by the horns and write some software internally ourselves and its currently in development.

My 3 questions to the lovely accountants are these:-

1) Have you ever come across any software packages that can handle multiple companies (each with their own set of nominal ledger sets and accounts) and yet share the same stock database?

2) Can you forsee any issues that we might have to address while writing this software

3) And cheekily, after we've finished it, would it be the kind of software you feel we might be able to offer the market place? Is there a demand for this kind of software in your experience?

I appreciate that you are all very busy people, so am not expecting you to answer in great lengths, but any indication would be helpful, and in advance I thank you for your time thus far.

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If you can afford it ....

Captainblack |
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Oops.. forgot to add..

clubleym |
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One stock control package

petersaxton |
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Regard each company as a department ....

JC |

I think you have had the answer already

listerramjet |
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Nice ideas...

clubleym |
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Best of luck - this won't be easy.


you could always try quickkbooks

carnmores |
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Separate business

petersaxton |
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Already exists

The Minion |
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Sage developer

RogerNeale |
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Sage Stock

edmund.mescall |

You could consider Encore e-Bis

anagram |

No Point re-inventing the wheel

RogerNeale |
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Interesting Comments so far, thank you...

clubleym |
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Facebook Page

clubleym |
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