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Shareholder Dispute

I currently act for a small Ltd Co owned 70% by Mr A and 30% by Mr B (its two directors).

There has been a dispute, and Mr B has walked away to set up a competitor business.

The Company is marginally insolvent and Mr B owes the Company £3k. The Company makes marginal profits year on year, but certainly not 'super profits'.

Mr B is refusing to sign over his shares at par value to Mr A and is looking for £20k. Mr A has approached me for advice on what to do next.

As fars as I can see :-

- Mr A cannot force Mr B to sell his shares
- Mr A cannot put Co into Liquidation as 75% majority required for special resolution
- Mr B is entitled to 30% of future distributable profits

For the time being, Mr A has increased his salary in the company and cancelled any dividends.

Can the Company create a dividend-only alphabet share which vests only in Mr A?

What is the best way of dealing with this situation?



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splendid phrase...

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A touch more double entry...

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Double entry

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Much ado about nothing

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A letter....

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well, this is not.......

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Capital redemption reserve?

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Buy back

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First of all

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