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Short, Dark and Ugly Accountant

My goregeous niece is getting married in two weeks. She has asked me to give a speech. Her expectations are very high since she says I make her laugh all the time. Trying to make an audience laugh, that is nerve wrecking for me.

As it is I am nervous about giving speeches. Yesterday I was starring at the blank screen trying to think of something to write. I do not want to disappoint her.

I would be grateful for:

  • Tips to ensure I at least look calm, in control and confident
  • Ideas on the content of the speech
  • Any jokes you can share



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public speaking!

stephenkendrew |

Why did they give the scarecrow a Nobel prize?

Euan MacLennan |
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mwngiol |
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Just logged in

FirstTab |
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Your listeners

davidwinch |
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Wedding Speech

bernard michael bayly |

Audience perception

Becky Midgley |
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Thanks for more help

FirstTab |
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I was a best man twice and a groom once ...

bigdave1971 |

A good speech is like a lady's skirt...

ChrisDL |

Poetry time

andrew.hyde |

Funny memories

taxhound |
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Steve Holloway |
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Constantly Confused |
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Start the speech

memyself-eye |
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rowan atkinson fathers wedding speech

Chris Smail |
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Tips From Dale Carnegie

Moonbeam |
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Here's a few jokes for you..

IanRiley |

Practise as much as you can |

The essence of comedy

davidwinch |
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I haven't read all the posts so apologies if these are already c

Richard Willis |
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blok |
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Really grateful

FirstTab |
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Bullet points

cymraeg_draig |
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Any Scots jokes?

FirstTab |
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Richard Willis |
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Private enterprise

andrew.hyde |


FirstTab |
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Only works with a Glasgow accent

andrew.hyde |

Wedding speech

normafogg21 |

Scots Jokes...

jimwatson |


l.laakso |


MikeFreeman |

A good balance

Nickob |


mwngiol |
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To Look Calm

chrissyangell |
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djbrown |

It's all about the bride

Psyche |


SimonLever |
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Another joke

Paul.Chillman |

If all else fails...

andrew.hyde |

Tony Hancock you ain't

spurs1952 |

For bad nerves, you could always see your doctor?

Ermintrude |
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steve2646 |

Thanks for more help

FirstTab |
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steve2646 |

Some excellent advice

shoshana |

Wedding speech |


dmcverry |

Speech done

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