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Should I stay or should I go......



Im currently working from home, but hating it, as clients turn up at all times! Also, I can't switch off

I have been offered an office today, offered because the surveyor I called about another office sugested an empty space to his landlord, a 600 sq ft office space at £ 525 a month, plus rates and bills.

It has more desks and cupboards than I need, but they will take away what I don't want...

Problem is, the additional cost is a little too much just now, but per my plan, should be okay in about 6 months. I would also need an office clerk, but with Govt funding could get this in my area for £ 60 per week for the first year.


Should I take the plunge...?

If I do, what else do I need to think about? I have a Ltd co set up bu not trading this yet, and not yet VAT reg, but would probably make these changes at the same time.



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From someone heading in the opposite direction

Paul Scholes |
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More info needed!

noradh |


Jason Dormer |
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Depends what you want...

Monsoon |
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ShirleyM |
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Slightly off topic, but.......

GeeBee |

Yes Gee Bee...

murphy1 |

Noise? Untidiness?

noradh |

three children under five

Tosie |

Find another office?

Moonbeam |
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Office overheads: a list

Monsoon |
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Too early to move ?

Top_Cat |
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Home and kids...

murphy1 |

I moved when my 3rd child came along

bduncan |