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Software for retail company

Could anyone offer advice on which software package/s would be most suitable for a new retail venture. Initially a single store but hoping to grow by another year on year. The company will offer intenet sales too. Turnover to reach £1m in year 5 (hopefully!)

Requirements of the software:
Internet sales with up to date information of stock levels feeding through
Payroll for about 150 staff (eventually)
General Ledger, Puchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Fixed Assets, Stock, Cashbook, Budgets etc.
High level of reporting functions will also be required, i.e Budgetary Control statements, analysis of best selling items/ranges/lines/suppliers, sales by department/branch, etc

Any recommendations gratefully received.

Thank you.

Natalie Sargent

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ASP Acounting solution

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Have a look at the David Carter Reviews

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Khaos Control!

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