Suggestion for accounting package which copes well with monthly billing

Can anyone suggest software which copes well with monthly billing?

What I need to do is to create an invoice which shows monthly due dates for the next quarter or will just send a monthly invoice for a payment received.

I want something that is quick and easy to use and will handle monthly billing for 100+ clients with minimal intervention.


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How about Brightpearl?

ElliottRoss |

we use quickbooks

carnmores |
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Kashflow For Me

Stewie Griffin |
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DuaneJAckson |
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well i am up for giving KASHFLOW another go

carnmores |
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Monthly Billing in E-conomic

jsu |
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BigBadWolf |
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QuickBooks can handle this easily

cbales |

have alook at the following free prog

pauljohnston |

Easy with Aqilla

Hugh Scantlebury |
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Iris Accounting

Moleie |


cbales |