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T 64-8's & 4X the Work!

The Pensions Service were sent our client's authorisation - it had to be a letter - a general 64-8 will not do because the Pensions Service is not joined up with the NIC Office - even though they [ the PS] take their data from the NICO; mmm wonder about data protection issues here?

Any way this authority was sent to the PS on August 23rd - not yet processed thus far; therefore the PS can't talk to me about their records of the NIC's that our client has made. Helpfully the PS provided the telephone number of the NICO; which I then called:

[As a result of this call I have faxed the NICO thus]

"1 I had been told to call your office by the Pensions Service who get their data from you.
2 I was courteously dealt with all of the time by Kirby.
3 I was informed that in spite of there being a form 64-8 in place for us on the HMRC web site that one WAS NOT in place for our client on your system! Therefore I would have to complete and send a new one to you.
3A Consider the implications for our 269 clients: We have now to send you a fax listing those clients; you now have to check EVERY one against your non-integrated records; then you send us forms 64-8 for the number you don't have records for = print & additional postage costs; we send them (postage and stationery costs) to our client; who return them to us (postage & stationery costs; we then forward them to you (postage & stationery costs) ; you input them (staff time costs) to authorise us - in a duplicate of what is happening within SA!
3B Therefore in the spirit of co-operation I will pass a copy of this fax to Accountingweb so that the other practitioners in the UK can do the same - ensuring that your records are accurate.
4 This fax is being sent to this number because Kirby did not have access to a directory of fax numbers in the building and could only suggest that I telephone ANOTHER number to obtain it - what a ridiculous situation for her to be in.

Therefore your service delivery is poor and I want to know why you are spending taxpayers money in not integrating information and why I have to go to ridiculous efforts to resolve a simple query?"

I urge all practices to fax the NICO with their client list to ensure that they ARE on the NICO's system - otherwise BEWARE!

Stephen Elms

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