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Tax Calculation Software

Having used Intuit TaxCalc Professional for a number of years, I have now been informed that Intuit will no longer be selling this product after Jan 05.
I'm looking for advice on the best alternative products currently available.
Tom Clark

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Not again....very disappointing!

AnonymousUser |

PTP Software

davidfrost |


AnonymousUser |

Objective tax

Anonymous |

TaxCalc Personal

AnonymousUser |

Depends On Your Needs

Robert Clubb |


carnmores |

Will we all end up with Sage anyway ?

pondfield |

taxcalc pro users

sandjbrankin |

Taxability Pro

John Savage |

Intuit TaxCalc

AnonymousUser |

Keytime Tax Professional

AnonymousUser |

TaxCalc replacement

paulharm |
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Income Tax Software -   you

Jehnavi |