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Tax Reference Books for General Practitioner

I am ACCA qualified and recently set up small practice (about 90K fees), no particularly large or complex clients thus far.

Currently use a tax consultant (CIOT) for anything I don't know or feel I need a second opinion on. However, I feel I ought to at least have some core reference material on hand in one form or another and was wondering what people thought of the following:

Tolleys Tax Annuals - Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and VAT
Tolleys Tax Guide - apparently voted the nations fav tax book by members of AccountingWeb according to Tolleys promo literature! (or is this merely duplicating the content of aforementioned annuals?)
Hardmans Tax Rates & Tables

Didn't think there would be much regularity of work requiring the Inheritance Tax, Trusts or NIC manuals so would continue to use outside consultant for such queries.

Are the Yellow and Orange Tax Handbooks going a bit too far for a non tax specialist or do people consider these to be essential reference material?

Have noticed a recent theme developing of people being slated for not finding past threads using search facility and I'm sure I have read something similar in past but can't find it so apologies in advance!!!

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Anonymous |

Yes & Not Sure

Robert Clubb |

@ Robert Clubb

Anonymous |

Have a word with.................

Robert Clubb |


stevebaker22 |

Tottel CTSA

Anonymous |

Tax Annuals

Anonymous |

Pay for what you get..

Dave Paveley |

Tottel CTSA

Anonymous |


Euan MacLennan |
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As an alternative or as an addition

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Handa |


Taxcon |


markabacus |

Just set up and have £90k of fees

Anonymous |

In my opinion..

deanshepherd |

Like Tolleys Tax Guide

Anonymous |

Revisiting this

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