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Have a situation where the directors and shareholders of a close have historically taken voted dividends by way of a direct transfer to their personal bank accounts in accordance with the dividend vouchers.

2 of the 5 directors' for personal reasons would prefer to have their dividends credited to a their current account with the company. ( no cash cahanging hands)

The balance on their current account is nil orĀ  small cr balance.

The questions are:

Is it within the law to do so?

If it is than can only a propoetion of the director/shareholders opt to have their dividends credited to their current account?

Any response would be welcome.

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Yes, this is ok

JCresswellTax |
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But watch

Anonymous |

Thanks for the replies so far

Anonymous |

credit balance on CA?

abelljms |
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Anonymous |


Anonymous |

So !!

Anonymous |

Utter Rubbish!

Swedish Chef |
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