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Telephone System?


Does anyone know of any 'off the shelf' phones with at least 2 handsets where incoming calls can be transferred from one hand set to the other with the person who received the call in the first place being able to tell the person the call is being transferred to whom is on the phone...not asking a lot am I?

I am trying to avoid having to get a phone system installed with ludicrous contract lengths and heavy equipment costs...any thoughts or ideas would be most welcome.


Many Thanks.





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Not without a phone system!

orchardacc |

Consider VOIP?

cjtrevor |

There is a software alternative

Adrian Pearson |
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Not sure whether it is still the case but...

Richard Willis |
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BT Featureline

Bob Harper |
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Panasonic Cordless phone

BigBadWolf |
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clegganator |
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Monsoon |
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Orchid System

thacca |
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Domestic handset are fine

BSSRoberts |


Witch-Queen |
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eagleaccountancy |
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DECT sys Phones

richard leighton |

Off the shelf

HudsonCo |

Simple Telephone system

cdgodden |

Orchid 308+

cwilson |

Try a Fritzbox

streetandberg |

Siemens Gigaset

richard.snape |