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Is this too expensive?

I did accounts and tax return last year for a photographer client. We quoted & charged £325.00 ish.

Job was clean and easy with Excel bookkeeping.

We reviewed our fee policy and emailed our client base. This client was now going to be charged £395.00. His turnover is around £40000.

He has since moved to a firm that has charged him £150.00!!

I'm quite happy as it was always a last minute job and it had still not arrived for his 06/07 return.

I just wondered if £395.00 was too expensive for this? What would others have charged?

There was no other income.
NMP Accountant

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James - balance sheets

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Actually Sounds Cheap

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Interesting, initally i'd have thought it was a bit pricey

Marilynne |

Yes and No

Essex FCCA |

another fool

carnmores |


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Does sound reasonable

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A perfectly reasonable fee.

nigelburge |
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On the basis ..

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No but...

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