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 Dear Sir/Madam 

I currently work for an Accountancy firm as a Trainee Accountant. My employment contract states that I am a trainee accountant, and my salary certainly reflects that, however I have not been provided with, nor has management been forthcoming with my training. I am ACCA registered but I have not been given or even helped towards any study materials, tuition, appraisal etc, basically there is no indication that I am anything other than cheap labour or an accounts assistant.
I feel that I am being taken advantage of and that my contract title of ' trainee accountant ' is merely a token gesture. There is another trainee here who is a trainee ICAS student (I am ACCA) and she has access to external tuition, text books etc 

I have been employed here since August 2009 but I feel that I have not progressed at a sufficient rate and do not expect to without proper academic accountancy training/learning. Where do I stand? Can I be dismissed at a whim due to unsatisfactory performance? Given that I am an ACCA student and not ICAS does that mean I should not expect any level of training or should I expect a like for like training scheme?   

Any advice given would be greatly appreciated. 

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petersaxton |
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Don't stew over it, do something about it.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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my salary certainly reflects this

Ronny123 |

No training

petersaxton |
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Never Train Anybody

FJM1980 |
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Interviews have uses

petersaxton |
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