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Is UK now half-baked US and half-baked EU?

Some of our fundamental laws and practices are based upon the membership of EU and our 57% external trade with EU. Other fundamental beliefs, trade, investment, ties, etc. lean more towards US connections and the U S Dollar.

We seem to be on a seesaw but sitting in the middle and not really moving forward with full force. I genuinely believe that either we should join the EURO and be whole hearted in the EU or we should get out altogether and follow the American system of capitalism wholeheatedly.

For example, SMEs in Germany make up about 30% of all the businesses in terms of market share that are very strongly supported by local, regional and national German government and commercial banks. In the UK, SME's "equivalent" market share is only about 10%. In the US, the bottom 10 per cent of the work force is 10 times worse off than the bottom 10 per cent of the work force in EU which has a fundamentally different kind of capitalism.

My recent visit to Paris and use of the Metro with a packet of 10 tickets for 10 Euros convinced me that if we subsidised our tube by 100's of millions of pounds, we would gain billions of pounds extra in tourism. We must look back 200 years and look forward 200 years before jumping to a conclusion just based on five economic tests and one political test. Does anyone have views on this?

It is not money we need to spend to persuade the public on which way we should go. It is deep thought and profound debate on these issues.
Nagin Khajuria

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laissez faire, monetary policy, fiscal policy, etc. etc.

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Nagin - left hand side of the road???@@@!!!

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Car, Motor car or Automobile mass production

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Informing the public is different from intellectuising the publ

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Deep thought and profound debate

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