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Unincorporating a business


Looking for a bit of help.  I've dealt with plenty of incorporations but never an unincorporation.

Am I right in thinking that the rules regarding the transfer of stock and assets are pretty much the same for an unincorporation as they are for an incorporation?

i.e. Plant & Machinery at lower of actual consideration and original cost or joint election to transfer at TWDV.

Stock at market value or election for higher of acquisition cost or amount actually sold for.

The sole director/shareholder is owed quite a bit more than there is in the bank, so presumably some of his loan can be satisfied by transferring assets and stock to him?  This still won't cover the additional amount owing (I assume he can't "pay" more than the market value for either assets or stock") so could he be deemed to have paid for goodwill also (so he can then write it off in his sole trader accounts to reduce tax liability) or is that not allowed as they are connected?  Whether the goodwill actually has any value would be highly debatable as although the business is trading it doesn't actually make enough to even cover very basic expenses.

Would be grateful for any advice on this.

Many thanks


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Be careful. It's a minefield

bookmarklee |
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Just wind the company up

zebaa |

Need to extract the stock and assets first.

Batty Girl |

Capital losses?

kenmoody |
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Thank You

Batty Girl |