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Using Dates within Excel Sumif

Can anyone help with the following:

I have a column of dates with numbers in the next column. I wish to add all of the numbers which have a date greater than my conditional date.

The formula follows the logic:
Sumif(Column1,>conditional date,Column2).
The conditional date and calculation are being performed wihtin another workbook if this makes a difference!

Formula works if I replace the conditional date with an actual number but that isn't where I need to be.

Any help is gratefully appreciated.

Lynne Alden

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mikerees |

Use DSUM with appropriately placed criteria range

malong |

Conditional date is not a constant

2031387 |

Sumif second argument

lynamn |

Several ways to crack a nut.

AnonymousUser |

Cool array, Adam?

AnonymousUser |

Arrays in Excel

AnonymousUser |

today() function with sumif function

dwpbhaskar |