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VAT and change of address

This is an extract from a letter received by a client when they notified a change of address for VAT:

"I am writing to advise you that as a result of the wide range of necessary security checks we require additional information before processing your request for a change of address.  Would you please forward a copy of either the complete lease agreement or rental agreement confirming your current trading address immediately in the enclosed reply envelope."

Is this normal?  In any event the lease agreement would not provide evidence of a trading address, merely that the company has some interest in the property. 

Normally I take the view that it is best to give them whatever they ask for, but I am contemplating a reply to the effect that the company has complied with its obligations by notifying them of the change of address and they can either choose to record it or not.  What do people think?

And I have to say I'm intrigued about how they think a complete lease will fit into a reply envelope.

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