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VAT and the NHS

The NHS is moving towards commissioning groups (controlled by GPs) and community care. My company is VAT registered and sells products into the NHS. Unfortunately we are a small player and I don't understand how VAT works in the NHS and was hoping to get a primer on this topic, particularly covering:
- Primary care trusts (I know they're being disbanded but I need the context)
- GPs (they're role is expanding, will the VAt rules be changing for them? What are the rules right now?)
- Foundation trusts (every hospital will become a foundation trust. How does the VAT situation change from being an acute trust to being a foundation trust? How is VAT dealt with in foundation trusts?)

Are the rules changing or does the new structure provide any new benefits? Does the increase to 20% affect the NHS at all?
Any help in this area would be very gratefully received and wil help me to understand whether I need to hire a tax consultant in this area.

Thank you


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Can be complicated...

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Thank you

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