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Does anybody know a good reference on where I can get information on the different VAT codes on sage and what would fit into the categories. In particular zero rated (T0) T2 exempt and T9.

Reason being that as a book-keeper I get very conflicting information from various clients accountants which has just now left me feeling like I am no longer sure what's right and what's wrong.

Many thanks

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'out of scope' confusion

gbeman |

Accounting software, NOT knowledge alternative!

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vat codes

Anonymous |

VAT Codes on SAGE

Alan Blake Thomas |

VAT Codes

deekotak |

EC transactions?

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VAT Codes - Know how you feel

Debbie Parkin |

Sage VAT Codes

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I was right about tax codes

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Sorry but the gardner would

katherine968 |

Hi please can anyone help me

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