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Vat Codes in Sage: Difference between T2 and T9

I have been reading up on the web about which sage VAT codes to use when. Information is very conflicting on this

Could an expert AW member please clarify the following:

Which VAT codes should I specifically use for the following:

Insurance payments


Travel - Tube and rail fares

Travel - Taxis

Travel - Plane

Bank charges

Rents and rates


Any help appreciated thanks


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T9 does not show in VAT return

occca |

Outside Scope - T9

scalloway |
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Sage VAT Codes - differences

Figurate |
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Postage and other things...

Figurate |
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Taxis are T1?

aiwalters |
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Thanks for your replies

Anonymous |

who cares?

aiwalters |
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Do HMRC really mind?

wowee |

It does make a difference

scalloway |
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Hate to seem pedantic

andypartridge |

Yes I certainly see the point there

wowee |


KKasia |


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